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The Arts

Fountain Valley students are encouraged to discover their unique artistic passions. 

Learning by doing is the basic approach of the Fine Arts Department at FVS, which offers courses focused on developing aesthetic literacy and technical skills as the cornerstones of artistic work. The program strives to build confidence and exposure to various artistic skills and media to develop a sense of personal creativity. At the heart of the FVS arts program is the belief that every student can be an artist. First-year students are expected to take at least one semester of art courses. In all, three semesters of art–distributed across both the performing and visual arts–are a graduation requirement* for FVS students and enable them to discover new talents, stretch their potential, develop their voice, think creatively, and confidently share their point of view in all areas of life.

*Individuals who commit to the arts by taking either six semesters of performing art courses or six semesters of visual art courses are exempt from the above-mentioned distribution requirement.


A student and her art project.


Students with wands.


Students attend a class in the Art Barn.


Arts Guild award recipient.
A scene from a School play.