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Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame honors Fountain Valley School alumni, faculty and supporters who have made an impact on the FVS athletics program since as early as its inception.

Fountain Valley School has a rich tradition of athletic success, acquired via a cumulative effort by its student-athletes, coaches, parents, and community supporters. The purpose of the Fountain Valley School Athletic Hall of Fame is to formally recognize the memory and contributions of such individuals.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Nominate an Athlete, Coach or Supporter

The Athletic Hall of Fame serves as a symbol of the School's appreciation for the excellence and devotion displayed by both individuals and teams, aims to further maintain community and pride in FVS, and provides a historical account of athletic traditions. Anyone in the FVS community may make a nomination via the form below.

Nomination Criteria

Living or deceased graduates, coaches, administrators, and supporters of Fountain Valley School are eligible for induction within the FVS Athletic Hall of Fame. All nominees must meet the criteria below and be in good standing.* Nominees must have competed in an FVS-sanctioned sport and must have excelled in such sport. Individual and team accomplishments as well as individual or team records held, and one's impact on teams and the overall athletic program both during their time at FVS and after will be taken into account.

*Under special circumstances, a candidate who did not compete in an FVS-sanctioned sport may be inducted into the Hall of Fame, as determined by Hall of Fame Committee members, if they have achieved recognition in a sport at the national, international or professional level. Each year, special consideration will be given to nominees who have graduated during Reunion milestone years.

Deceased contributors to FVS athletics in any of the above categories are immediately eligible for induction within the Hall of Fame.

Athletic plaques