Reunion Weekend 2023

In Memoriam

It is a long-standing tradition at Reunion Weekend to honor the faculty and alumni who are no longer with us. Since we cannot gather in the chapel this year in remembrance, let this page serve as a warm memorial to those who once graced this campus.

Remembering Alumni who have passed this year

Christopher S. Bacon '75
Frederick L. Baird '64
Leah J. Barlow '00    
Louis W. Cabot '39
Peter F. Charlot '65
Henry H. Coe '65
Michael P. Danaher '72
Angela M. Euliarte '12
Ann F. Goodwin '08  
Eric S. Hemingway '87
Robert E. Henderson '44
Thomas R. Le Fevre '66
Clifton H. McMillan '57
Charles G. Morse '44 
Philip C. Powers ’63    
William H. Regnery '60   
Paul F. Timolat '65
Thomas C. Wood '56      

Remembering FVS Faculty

*Those in bold have passed this year

Francis M. Froelicher
Roswell C. Josephs
Robert C. Langdon
Boardman Robinson
Henry L. Newman
F. Dexter Cheney
Sidney S. Bunting
Normand J. Heroux
Edgar Britton
John Norton
Jean Charlot
Lawrence Barrett
J. Raymond Boyce
Charles K. Greening Jr.
Michael Refkin
David Newcomb
Laurence A. Lorson
Lyman Colt
Hollister Kent
Lawrence F.H. Lowe
Trudeau Thomas
F. Martin Brown
Frances Josephs
Alexander S. Campbell
Ernest Kitson
C. Dwight Perry
Hazel H. Brown
Marcelle R. Perry
Whittemore Littell
Ralph J. Quintana
Francis X. Slevin
Russell Morse
George W. Taylor
Meredith Reese
Robert H. Spock
Charles G. Moroney
Frederick J. Hurley
Leigh E. Chadwick
Joseph P. Pollard
Edward H. Risley Jr.
John Dodge
Alastair W.R. Miller
Charles Newbold
Edward Jaqueline Smith
Robert M. Ormes
Glenn A. Philipps
John K. Snobble
Elizabeth Froelicher Smith
J. David Esbenshade
Vincent O’Brien
Marshall Severance
David Swift
Patricia McCartney
Robert Hugins
William Robinson
Hamilton Benz
Louis Palmer
Beatrice Bramwell
Johnny Dole
Robert S. Patterson
Lewis Tilley III
Charles F. Emery Jr. ’38
Douglas Bradlee
Ed Bryant
James Hutchinson
Mary Wierman
Norma Zacharakis
Terence Golden ’36
Doris Jean Owens
Hunter Frost
Carolyn Diane Carter
Henry Poor
Lewis Perry Jr.
John B. Brown
George A. Dinsmore
Sean Smith
Vicki Myers
Larry Myers
Dixon Osswald
Michael Russell
Walter Wilson
Lynn Frost
Danford N. Barney
Kevin Schar
Antoinette D. Newman
John Munger
David G. Lavender
Donald Kardok
Charles Warren
Francis D. Dibble
James A. Garrison Sr.
Arthur C. Rapske
Ida Lucille Sarah
Shirley Clark Warden
Fisher Howe
Robert D. Hickey
Terry Paladino
Virginia Stuart
Andy Handford
Patrick Bashlor
Ronald W. Warden
William Andres ’61
Anne Mariner
Arthur J. Berglund
Wesley P. Horner
Christopher Lowell
Mary C. O'Connor
Wallace B. Goodwin
Lachlan K. Clarke
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