Arts Guild

The Arts Guild celebrates exemplary artistic careers by our alumni and former faculty. Anyone in the FVS community can make a nomination. You’ll find the form below.
The Fountain Valley School Arts Guild was created in 2010 to recognize artistic endeavors by our alumni, former faculty, and supporters. The Arts Guild also serves as a historical account of the role Fountain Valley played in these individual's pursuit of the arts as well as a symbol of Fountain Valley’s appreciation for the excellence and devotion displayed by these celebrated individuals and groups. 

Arts Guild Inductees

List of 14 items.

  • Class of 2023

    Emma Needell '08
    Christina Simons '93
  • Class of 2022

    Matthew Higginbotham ’82
    Cameron Powers ’63
  • Class of 2021

    • David Cole ’86
    • Lily Wilson ’91
  • Class of 2020

    • Pete LaFarge ’49
    • Daniel Kaufman ’70
    • Dominique Dunne ’77
    • Griffin Dunne ’76
    • Lauren Ciborowski ’00
  • Class of 2019

    Due to scheduling conflicts, 2019 inductees were honored the following year.
  • Class of 2018

    • Christopher Lowell, FVS Fine Arts Faculty
    • Lang Fisher '98, writer/producer/director
  • Class of 2017

    Erika Luckett '82, musician
    Steve Lemme '87, actor and comedian
    Mark Dillon, FVS arts faculty
  • Class of 2016

    Michael Collins '56, architect
    Gerald Peters '66, curator
    Mark Wong '86, ceramicist
  • Class of 2015

    Myra Platt '80, theater 
    Bob Weir '65, musician
  • Class of 2014

    Elizabeth Sage Hare, FVS founder
    Jeff Brown, FVS arts faculty
  • Class of 2013

    Sam Hall '48, music composer and sound engineer
    Ed Sherin '48, stage and screen director/producer
    Hunter Frost, FVS arts faculty
  • Class of 2012

    Sam Goldwyn '43, movie producer
    Jack Lane '62, art museum director
    Todd Reed '92, jewelry maker
  • Class of 2011

    A. Marshall Bell '61, actor
    Walter Wilson, artist and FVS arts faculty
  • Class of 2010

    Bruce Gomez '75, painter
    David Hare '36, sculptor
    Ernest Kitson, FVS founding music faculty
    Irene Neuwirth '94, jewelry maker
    Boardman Robinson, artist and FVS founding arts faculty

Nominate an Artist

The Arts Guild recognize talented FVS alumni and faculty who have made significant contributions as performing or visual artists. Arts Guild honorees are invited to accept their awards during Reunion Weekend. Nomination criteria can be found below this form. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. All accomplishments/statistics will be verified for accuracy. Please contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Margie Sherer at for more information.

Nomination Criteria

Living or deceased graduates, faculty, administrators, and supporters of Fountain Valley’s fine arts are eligible for induction into the Arts Guild. The FVS Fine Arts program encompasses both the visual and performing arts. Qualifications for nominee evaluation will include their involvement and achievements in the Fine Arts while at FVS, as well those with accomplishments that occurred after graduation. Both individual and ensemble/group accomplishments and awards will be taken into account, as well as the impact on ensembles and the overall fine arts program. Under special circumstances, a candidate who didn’t participate in an FVS-sanctioned art form can be accepted if they have achieved recognition away from FVS. They must be in good standing, have conducted themselves in such a way as to reflect honor on the school, and must have exhibited those qualities of character and standards of conduct consistent with their status as a role model to the community. 
Special consideration will be given to nominees who are graduates of reunion milestone years.
Artist/Performer Eligibility Requirements
  • Individuals will be eligible for induction five years after graduation. 
Faculty Eligibility Requirements
  • The individual must have taught a class or ensemble for a minimum of five years
  • The individual will become eligible for the Arts Guild immediately upon their retirement or five years after leaving employment with Fountain Valley School of Colorado
Administrator or Supporter Eligibility Requirements
  • Eligibility of outstanding contributions will be at the sole discretion of the selection committee
  • Candidates must have made outstanding contributions or offered extraordinary services to the students and the fine arts programs at Fountain Valley School of Colorado
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