Alumni Association

The Fountain Valley School  Alumni Association offers a lifetime of opportunity to remain engaged with your alma mater and classmates. There are no dues or required tasks. Rather, there are useful, fun and informative ways for alumni to stay in touch as they see fit.

With a wide array of on- and off-campus events, monthly e-newsletters, and an increasingly robust website, the Alumni Relations Office works to provide more than 3,000 alumni with opportunities of interest both socially and professionally.

Alumni Association Purpose
  1. To preserve, foster and stimulate the loyalty and support of its members in promoting the general welfare of Fountain Valley School
  2. To establish closer relations and cooperation between the School, its faculty, trustees, alumni and friends
  3. To solicit and collect contributions which, after the expenses of the association have been met, shall be donated to, or used for the exclusive benefit of, the Fountain Valley School of Colorado
  4. To formulate and make available to the headmaster, the faculty and the Board of Trustees, the opinions of the general body of graduates on matters relating to the welfare, activities, policies and administration of the School
Alumni Association Benefits
  1. A full array of events on- and off-campus. Some events are purely social in nature, and some are focused on specific topics of interest.
  2. Monthly e-newsletters from the Alumni Relations Office with items of interest about the school, recaps of recent alumni events, information about upcoming opportunities, etc.
  3. Regular alumni articles in the school magazine, The Bulletin
  4. An increasingly robust alumni web site
  5. Opportunities to interact with current students and faculty
6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911