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We work with you to help make a Fountain Valley School education within reach.
Financing an independent school education for your child is a significant investment and one that pays dividends for a lifetime. We understand that for most families, tuition is a financial commitment that requires careful planning, and that each family’s financial picture is different.

On average, we award $2.8 million in scholarships and financial aid to our students. Our goal is to attract talented, deserving students, and to be accessible to all families. It is Fountain Valley School of Colorado's expectation that families contribute to the cost of their child’s education at the highest level possible.

Many factors are taken into account when assessing a family’s financial need, and your admission counselor can discuss the two different forms of financial assistance that are offered: need-based financial aid and merit-based Summit Scholarships.

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2022-23 Tuition Costs

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  • Boarding Students

  • International Boarding

    *students requiring an F1 student visa
  • Day Students


2022-23 Additional & Optional Fees

Academic Skills Instructional Program Fee (limited enrollment):
Miscellaneous Fees (including Interim, room key deposit, supplies and allowance, and personal athletic equipment):
Horseback Riding:

Testing (AP, ACT, SAT, PSAT) Fee: 
Books are ordered separately by the family either from MBS Direct or other sources. The total cost for books can range from $400-$1,700.
International Student Health Insurance:
ISM Insurance (preferred vendor)
$1,500-2,500 per year (approx.)

Financial Aid

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  • How to Apply For Financial Aid - U.S. Residents

    Either communicate with your admission counselor that you are interested in applying for financial aid or check the "Requesting Financial Aid" box on the inquiry form or the common application you fill out.
    -Create a profile on the School and Student Services website.
    -Fill out the Parent Financial Statement form and upload the following documents:
         -Current W2s or Earning Statements
         -Last year's tax returns
    -Send your admission counselor a financial narrative outlining your financial situation from your perspective.
  • How to Apply For Financial Aid - Non U.S. Residents

    -Either communicate with your admission counselor that you are interested in applying for financial aid or check the "Requesting Financial Aid" box on the inquiry form or the common application you fill out.
    -Create a profile on the School and Student Services website.
    -Upload current/translated income/asset documentation and earning statements.
    -Complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile.
  • Items To Remember

    It's important for Fountain Valley to understand each family's financial situation as they are unique.  Please keep in mind the following areas:

    •Employment: We assume each parent in the family will work to help pay for their child's education unless there are elementary-age children in the household. Parents who are not working should be prepared to explain why and to understand that FVS may assign an income for a non-working parent when determining a family's financial need.
    •Marital Status: FVS will consider the financial resources of both legal parents—even if separated or divorced—if they share custody, despite an assertion that only one parent assumes financial responsibility. FVS reserves the right to consider both parents in assessing the family's financial need. When applying for financial aid, all parents involved, if custody is shared, must fill out the necessary financial aid paperwork.
    •Confidentiality: This process is completely confidential and the information obtained will remain with the admission office and the financial aid committee.
    •Timeline of Award: The financial aid committee makes awards based on the data they have collected. Once an award has been made, that award will stay with the student for the time they are a student at FVS. We reserve the right to adjust an award if the family's need level has changed based on the submission of their newest tax documents the following spring.
  • Financial Aid Timeline

    October 1: Portal opens for you to create your profile on School and Student Services.
    February 15: Deadline to have your financial aid file complete
    March 10: Financial aid awards communicated to families
    After April 10: Financial aid applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Contact the Office of Admission

Admission Office: 719-391-5251

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    Lindsey Ratliff 

    Director of Enrollment Management
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