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Summit Scholars

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  • Summit Scholar: Quillan Reed '19

    Quillan is a boarding student from Casper, Wyo. He currently lives in Penrose West and plays on the prep hockey team in the fall and winter. His favorite class is AP Computer Science.
  • Summit Scholar: Eliza Rhee '19

    Eliza is a day student from Colorado Springs. Her hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, climbing and skiing, along with painting, sketching, swimming and socializing with friends. Her favorite class is Advanced Environmental Science. She is one of the School's top swimmers and participates in both fall and winter. Eliza is also part of the Environmental Protection Club and Hispanic Honors Society.
  • Summit Scholar: Adeline Thames '19

    Adeline is a boarding student from Flagstaff, Ariz. She lives in Penrose East and is part of the mountain biking, climbing and soccer teams. She participates in French Club, the Environmental Protection Club and Student Cultural Organization. Her favorite classes are AP Chemistry and Honors French 3. Outside of school, she likes yoga, aerial acrobatics, climbing, skiing and anything outdoors. She also has a strong love for her pet chickens!
  • Summit Scholar: Juliet Chi '19

    Juliet is a day student from Pueblo, Colo. Juliet has a passion for ballet, English riding, and track and field. She was in the winter musical last year, and this fall is part of the DSCoVR community service program. Her favorite subjects are French, biology and Chamber Strings.
  • Summit Scholar: Anne Clifford '19

    Anne is from Boulder, Colo. She is the RA in the freshman dorm, serves on Community Council and enjoys painting and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She is part of Athenaea, the equestrian team, and the tennis team.
  • Summit Scholar: Ingrid Ellis '19

    Ingrid is a day student from Colorado Springs. She participates in English riding, varsity girls climbing, theater and concert band. Ingrid is an Admission Ambassador and part of the Matchwits team and Environmental Protection Club. Her favorite class is American Literature, and she likes figure skating, listening to music, wearing fun socks (!) and telling corny jokes.
  • Summit Scholar: Savian Johnson '20

    Savian is a day student from Colorado Springs. A talented musician, he is part of the FVS Wind Ensemble as an oboist and also plays in the Ovation Youth Orchestra. He is a top climber for FVS, and he'll join outdoor education in the spring. He's in the French Club and enjoys backpacking, hiking, snowboarding and slack lining, along with climbing and the oboe. His favorite class is Photography I.
  • Summit Scholars: Makena Likewise '20

    Makena is a day student from Colorado Springs. He is part of the mountain biking team and also enjoys skiing, hiking and playing soccer. His favorite subject is AP Biology with Mr. Rubenstein, and Makena is an Admissions Ambassador as well as a member of the Matchwits Team.
  • Summit Scholar: Luke Solo '20

    Luke is a day student from Colorado Springs. He is an honorary member of North Perry and is currently playing on the JV boys soccer team. Solo is also in the concert band.
  • Summit Scholar: Reilly Kaczmarek '21

    Reilly is a day student from Colorado Springs.  He plays as #2 singles on the tennis team and climbs in the winter and spring.  His favorite class is honors chemistry with Dr. Waldbaum.  Reilly is also part of the Environmental Protection Club, French Club, Coffeehouse Music Club, and Ultimate Frisbee Club.  In his spare time, he enjoys photography, playing piano, and skiing.
  • Summit Scholar: Chance Maccagnan '21

    Chance is a boarding student from Aurora, Colo. His favorite class is English 1 with Mrs. Lebo. This year, he will participate in mountain biking, basketball, skiing, lacrosse and the Board Game Club. In his free time, he likes laughing, playing video games and playing basketball with friends.
  • Summit Scholar: Kellyn Pattee '21

    Kellyn is a day student from Colorado Springs. Her top sports are skiing and soccer, and she earned a spot on the varsity volleyball team. Her favorite class is Honors English 2 with Mr. Reynolds, and she enjoys playing sports and writing. This year, Kellyn will participate in Varsity Club and French Club and she likes hanging out with her friends on weekends.
  • Summit Scholar: Ezra Potts '21

    Ezra hails from Beulah, Colo. His favorite class right now is Honors Geometry with Mr. Harrison. This year, he will be part of the Chamber Strings, mountain bike team, climbing team, theater, Matchwits and the Environmental Protection Club. In his spare time, he also likes to go skiing and play chess.
  • Summit Scholar: Lily Ryan '21

    Lily is a boarding student from Chicago, Ill., living in the Gannett residence hall. She's doing swim conditioning in the fall to prepare for the girls swimming and diving season this winter, and she has theater on tap in the spring. Her favorite classes are French 3 with Mr. Eberhart and Global Studies with Mr. Walker. She's also part of the French Club and Gay/Straight Alliance. In her free time, she likes to watch television and do even more swimming!
  • Summit Scholar: Kim McDonald ’21

    Kim is a boarder from San Antonio, Texas, whose two favorite classes are Honors English with Mr. Reynolds and Chemistry with Mr. Rubenstein. She joined the Athenaea literary magazine club, as well as the Environmental Protection club. She will participate in volleyball, swimming and tennis, and in her free time she enjoys hiking, art and hanging out with friends.
  • Summit Scholar: Ben Cochrane '22

    Ben Cochrane is a day student who hails from Bedford, Nova Scotia, and lives in Colorado Springs. While hockey is his passion, Ben likes to try all sports, and will play lacrosse in the spring. Biology with Mr. Gustke is his favorite course.
  • Summit Scholar: Colin Devanny ’21

    Colin is a day student from Colorado Springs. His favorite class is Studio Art 1 with Ms. Green. He participates in Tennis, Rock climbing and Lacrosse, and will be part of the Matchwits Team. In his free time, Colin enjoys biking, skiing, kayaking, playing trumpet, and fishing.
  • Summit Scholar: Claire Rosenberger '22

    From Seattle, Claire Rosenberger boarder who will be a three-season English rider. Her favorite class is English with Ms. Santinelli, and she enjoys cooking, photography and art as hobbies. She joined the Nertz (card game) Club.
  • Summit Scholar: Jacques VanZyl '19

    Jacques is a day student from Colorado Springs. In the fall and winter, he plays for the FVS prep hockey team ("hockey takes up all of my time," he says), and he plays lacrosse in the spring. His favorite class right now Honors Freedom and Authority. Jacques is an Admission Ambassador, member of the Varsity Club, and lastly, is the Community Council Secretary.
  • Summit Scholar: Lucia Vigneri '20

    Lucy is a boarding student from Casper, Wyo. She lives in Ballantine and is part of the varsity volleyball team. She will also participate in the winter musical and soccer this year. Her favorite class is studio art, and she enjoys singing, art and volleyball.
  • Summit Scholar: Mia Sanchez '22

    Mia Sanchez, a boarder from Denver, follows in her father's footsteps as a legacy student. Her favorite class is Global Studies with Mr. Walker, and in her free time she enjoys running, baking and drawing. She has joined the Green Team and GSA clubs and while home in Denver, she volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
  • Summit Scholar: Sofia Ghamdi '22

    Sofia Ghamdi joins her two sisters at FVS as a day student from Pueblo, Colo. She likes to travel, play basketball, and go camping and rafting. She joined the French Club and Chinese Club, and will play volleyball, basketball and tennis. Her favorite class is Global Studies with Mr. Walker.
  • Summit Scholar: Laelim Jung ’22

    From Buffalo, Wyo., is boarder Laelim Jung. She loves her chamber orchestra class, and has joined the FVS Matchwits team and the Chinese Club. Her chosen sports for the year are volleyball, swimming and soccer. In her free time, Laelim loves to dance. Her brother, LaeOne, graduated in 2017.
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