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Summit Scholarships

The prestigious Summit Scholar program awards merit scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. Summit Scholars will have strong GPAs earned in a challenging middle school curriculum, along with standardized test scores that reflect their academic capabilities.

Courage. Compassion. Open-mindedness. Curiosity. Self-Reliance.

These are Fountain Valley's core values, and scholarship applicants will demonstrate in their candidacy proposal how they embody these ideals in their lives. Your record of involvement in sports, clubs, student government, community service, performing arts and/or other activities reveals that you are well rounded, active and interested in the world. It also demonstrates leadership potential and your willingness to stretch your potential both in and out of the classroom.

Selection Requirements & Process

To be eligible for scholarship consideration, a student must:

  • Be a rising 9th or 10th grader.
  • Complete the admission file (application, teacher recommendations, interview, SSAT scores, current and previous year grades).
  • Submit a nomination letter from a personal character reference.
  • Submit Summit Scholarship candidacy proposal (can be in the form of video, Prezi, essay, artwork or some other creative vehicle).

List of 6 items.

  • Inquire & Start Application

  • Visit, Interview & Take SSAT

  • Application Materials Due

    Dec 15
  • Candidacy Proposal Due

    Jan 15
  • Finalist Weekend

    Late Feb
  • Scholarship Recipients Announced

    Early March

Summit Scholars Class of 2020

List of 4 items.

  • Lucia Vigneri '20

    Lucy is a boarding student from Casper, Wyo. She lives in Ballantine and plays on the varsity volleyball team. Her favorite class is studio art, and she enjoys singing, art and volleyball.
  • Luke Solo '20

    Luke is a day student from Colorado Springs. He plays  soccer, is a member of the Matchwits team and is in the concert band.
  • Makena Likewise '20

    Makena is a day student from Colorado Springs. He rides for the mountain biking team and also enjoys, skiing, hiking and playing soccer. His favorite subject is biology. Makena is an Admissions Ambassador as well as a member of the Matchwits Team.
  • Savian Johnson '20

    Savian is a day student from Colorado Springs. A talented musician, he is part of the FVS Wind Ensemble as an oboist and also plays in the Ovation Youth Orchestra. He is a top climber for FVS. He's in the French Club and enjoys backpacking, hiking, snowboarding and slacklining.

Summit Scholars Class of 2021

List of 6 items.

  • Colin Devanny '21

    Colin is a day student from Colorado Springs. His favorite class is Studio Art. He participates in tennis, rock climbing and lacrosse, and is a member of the Matchwits team. In his free time, Colin enjoys biking, skiing, kayaking, playing trumpet and fishing.
  • Ezra Potts '21

    Ezra hails from Beulah, Colo. His favorite subject is math. He plays violin for the concert band and is on both the mountain bike and climbing teams. Ezra acts in FVS plays and is a member of the Matchwits team. In his spare time, he likes to ski and play chess.
  • Kellyn Pattee '21

    Kellyn is a day student from Colorado Springs. Her top sports are skiing and soccer, and she earned a spot on the varsity volleyball team. Her favorite class is English and she enjoys writing. She is in Varsity Club and French Club.
  • Kim McDonald ’21

    Kim is a boarder from San Antonio, Texas, whose two favorite classes are  English and Chemistry. She writes for the School's literary magazine. She plays volleyball and tennis, and In her free time, she enjoys hiking, art and hanging out with friends.
  • Lily Ryan '21

    Lily is a boarding student from Chicago, Ill. She's on the swim team and swam with them from Alcatraz to San Francisco twice! Her favorite classes are French and Global Studies. She's also a member of the French Club and Gay/Straight Alliance. 
  • Reilly Kaczmarek '21

    Reilly is a day student from Colorado Springs. He is on the tennis and climbing teams. His favorite class is chemistry, and he is a member of the French Club. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, playing piano and skiing.

Summit Scholars Class of 2022

List of 7 items.

  • Ben Cochrane '22

    Ben Cochrane is a day student who hails from Bedford, Nova Scotia, and lives in Colorado Springs. While hockey is his passion, Ben likes to try all sports, including lacrosse. Biology is his favorite course.
  • Claire Rosenberger '22

    Claire Rosenberger is a boarder from Seattle and an avid English rider. Her favorite class is English and she enjoys cooking, photography and art as hobbies. 
  • Emma Garman '22

    A boarding student from Toronto, Ontario, Emma Garman is excited to be on the climbing team and to have an amazing climbing gym right on campus. Her favorite classes are World Societies and Biology. She is in the Environmental Protection Club and the Girls Leadership Club. Emma plays the ukelele and when at home, coaches gymnastics.
  • Laelim Jung ’22

    A boarder from Buffalo, Wyo., Laelim Jung loves her chamber orchestra class, and has joined the FVS Matchwits team and the Chinese Club. Her sports  are volleyball, swimming and soccer. In her free time, Laelim loves to dance. 
  • Maya Magee '22

    Maya Magee is excited to get to know all of the “amazing students and teachers” at FVS and to improve her climbing skills as a member of the team. She is from Nathrop, Colo. Maya likes to spend as much time outside as possible river surfing, backpacking, outdoor climbing and skiing. Her favorite class is English and in her free time, she likes to read and paint.
  • Mia Sanchez '22

    Mia Sanchez, a boarder from Denver, follows in her father's footsteps as a legacy student. Her favorite class is Global Studies with Mr. Walker, and in her free time, she enjoys running, baking and drawing. She has joined the Green Team and GSA clubs and while home in Denver, she volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
  • Sofia Ghamdi '22

    Sofia Ghamdi joins her two sisters at FVS as a day student from Pueblo, Colo. She likes to travel, play basketball, and go camping and rafting. She joined the French Club and Chinese Club, and will play volleyball, basketball and tennis. Her favorite class is Global Studies with Mr. Walker.

Summit Scholars Class of 2023

List of 4 items.

  • Chase Wallace '23

    Chase Wallace especially likes his filmmaking and Global Studies classes. He is a freshman day student from Colorado Springs. He plays soccer and basketball, and in his downtime he likes to read and play the occasional video game.
  • Claire Brown '23

    “Science!” Claire Brown enthusiastically calls out as her favorite class. She is a freshman day student from Colorado Springs. She participates in the Mock Trial Club and contributes to the Athenaea literary magazine. Claire is a dedicated dancer and to relax, she mountain bikes, snowboards and makes elaborate birthday cards.
  • Cristina Fernandez '23

    A day-student freshman from Colorado Springs, Cristina Fernandez is especially excited to meet new people and to get acquainted with their cultures. Her favorite subject is English. Her chosen afternoon activities are volleyball, yearbook and tennis. She is an avid tennis player and bakes for fun.
  • Madison Lovato '23

    Madison Lovato came to Fountain Valley excited about “exploring new relationships with so many different people.” She is a freshman day student from Pueblo, Colo. She plays volleyball and joined the FVS Girl’s Leadership Club. She loves to dance, bake and spend time with family and friends.

Contact the Office of Admission

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