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Summer Courses

Fountain Valley School Summer Session offers a range of courses in math, science, English, visual and performing arts, languages, test preparation, and English for non-native speakers.
In each two-week session, students take four 50-minute classes daily and can tailor their schedules to their specific goals and interests. With an average size of six students, our classes are intentionally small, facilitating differentiation and individualized attention.

Course Catalogue


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  • Young Reader’s Workshop 1

    Strengthen reading comprehension and vocabulary through learning and practicing active reading. Understanding is cemented with class discussion and written reflections.
  • Young Writer’s Workshop 1

    Practice crafting paragraphs that inform, persuade, and explain. Learn prewriting tactics for organizing work, with a focus on clarity and writing mechanics.
  • Creative Writing

    Advanced writers plumb their imaginations to create fully developed pieces with the benefit of frequent peer review and revision. Students focus on exposition, theme, and characterization.
  • Global Issues and Current Events

    Practice research skills, source analysis, and active reading on current global events and use the information to participate in lively Socratic discussions. 
  • SSAT Prep

    Partake in intensive, focused preparation for the verbal and math sections of the SSAT, including taking timed tests in a real-life test center.
  • Application Essays and Interview Skills

    Students applying to secondary schools benefit from learning to write dynamic admission essays, advocate for themselves throughout the application process, and confidently interview for admissions as well as for summer jobs and internships.


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  • ELL 1 (English Language Learning)

    Improve English speaking, reading, and writing skills with an emphasis on friendships, travel, and the American summer camp experience.
  • ELL 2 (English Language Learning)

    More experienced non-native English speakers hone English speaking, reading, and writing skills through differentiated instruction focusing on American secondary school expectations.
  • Spanish 1

    Immerse in functional Spanish emphasizing conversation and fun. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are introduced with an emphasis on Puerto Rican culture.
  • Spanish 2

    More experienced Spanish students immerse in conversational Spanish. Examine and discuss life in Puerto Rico through current media including newspapers, television, and social media.


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  • Statistics

    Learn techniques for analyzing interesting data sets and applying the laws of probability to real-life situations.
  • Pre-Algebra

    Learn or review pre-Algebra topics such as integers and fractions, square roots, linear equations, and solving for variables.
  • Algebra 1 Extension

    Practice factoring and multiplying polynomials, and apply these skills toward the exploration of quadratic functions. Solve and graph quadratics using multiple methods.
  • Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages

    Learn or review the relationships between nonintegers and how to convert between them using different methods.


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  • Robotics

    A hands-on introduction to the construction and programming of autonomous robots, this course challenges students to design, build, and program a functioning robot.
  • Forensics

    Examine and document simulated crime scenes, learning how to collect and analyze evidence. Link suspects to crime scenes through fingerprinting, blood typing, DNA analysis, and good old-fashioned detective work!
  • Introduction to Coding

    Learn about the exciting world of computer languages and apply knowledge to creating games, webpages and other applications.
  • Horticulture

    Learn the magical science of soil and plants. What secret chemical combinations keep plants thriving? How do plants grow and interact with their environments?

Fine Arts

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  • Drawing Fundamentals

    Develop and expand skills in line drawing, shading, and composition. Experienced and emerging artists explore different mediums and apply their skills to still life, portraits, and nature drawings.
  • Introduction to Ceramics

    Using hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques, develop an understanding of working with clay from designing and building through glazing and firing in our open studio.
  • Painting Experiential

    Experiment with tempura, watercolor, acrylic and homemade pigments on various surfaces. Color theory and texture work are explored in the studio and en plein air.
  • Theater Stories

    Learn the fundamentals of acting - such as character development, voice, and staging - culminating in a live performance for our Summer Session audience. No previous experience necessary.
Summer 2024 Dates
Session 1  |  June 30 - July 13
Session 2  |  July 14 - July 27
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