Financial Aid

How to Apply

To be eligible for consideration for financial aid, you must complete your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and submit all supporting documents by March 1. We will communicate decisions about financial aid on March 10.

Fountain Valley School uses School and Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications. Based on the financial information you provide in the Parents’ Financial Statement, SSS gives us an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. This estimate is a starting point to help us make fair and objective financial aid decisions. To begin your financial aid application for the 2016-17 school year, please follow the THREE steps below.

Step by Step: Domestic Students

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  • 1. Complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) Online

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  • 2. Submit supporting documents to SSS

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  • 3. Submit copies of all 2015 tax forms to FVS no later than May 1.

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Step by Step: International Students

International applicants seeking financial aid should follow this link to submit the following documents prior to the March 1 deadline.

Financial Aid Application:
If you have any questions regarding the financial aid process please contact Kila McCann or O'Neal Turner

Renewals and Policies

Need-based financial aid is not automatically renewable. Every financial aid award is made for one year only and will be reviewed annually. Each year and for each child, parents must submit the necessary forms to School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS). While significant changes in a family’s financial circumstances can impact the amount of annual aid awarded, the Financial Aid Committee’s goal is to maintain funding at proportionate levels over a student’s years of enrollment. FVS reserves the right to amend awards if new information comes to light after enrollment. Current FVS families who are not on financial aid and who have experienced unexpected financial difficulties may apply for financial assistance for the following school year.

  • Stay at Home Mom/Dad: When the mother or father does not work & there are no preschool children at home, the cost of one day tuition will be added to the income of the family.
  • Parent(s) in school: If either parent returns to school and is not working, the cost of one day tuition will be added to the income of the family.
  • Need-based financial aid and international students: As a general rule, Fountain Valley does not award need-based financial aid to international students.
  • Additional information request: Fountain Valley School reserves the right to request additional financial information from aid applicants at any time.
  • Parents who own a business or a farm: All parents who own a business/farm will be required to furnish a copy of their current business tax return. They will also be asked to furnish an SSS Business Farm Statement.
  • Student Income: Parents are required to furnish a copy of the student’s tax return, if applicable.
  • Form 4506T: All parents must sign a release to allow Fountain Valley School to obtain a copy of their tax return from the IRS (Form 4506T). This form is required even though copies of tax returns are furnished. It is not necessary for you to send a check for the processing fee.
  • PFS Adjustments: Computations based on the PFS will be adjusted to reflect figures shown on the tax forms. Funds will not be reserved for those whose PFS or tax forms are received after the deadlines.
  • Financial Aid Decisions: An application for financial aid is considered only after a student has been admitted to FVS.
  • FVS Financial Aid Waiting List: Admitted students who qualify for need-based financial aid outnumber those whom FVS can afford to support; therefore, some admitted students will be invited to accept waiting list status for financial aid.
  • Financial Aid and Spring/Summer Admission: Aid awards are made in the summer as, and if, funds become available.
Policy on Divided and Nontraditional Families
Noncustodial parents must furnish a PFS along with the form 1040, W2s and all supporting schedules in oreder for a financial aid application to be considered complete. If the noncustodial parent refuses to submit the necessary information to the Financial Aid Office, the application for financial aid may not be processed. If the custodial parent has not heard from the non-custodial parent for a period of time, forms may not be required. A letter of verification from a disinterested party (minister, attorney, etc.) will be required. In cases of divorce, a copy of the divorce decree will be required. Fountain Valley School reserves the right to review aid applications on a case-by-case basis.
In situations where couples are living together but are not married, information from both parties is required. If the child is from a former marriage of either party, forms will be required of the current family and the noncustodial parent and their spouse.
If a child is part of the family due to adoption or artificial insemination, forms will be required as with any two-parent family.
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