Financial Aid


List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is financial aid?

    A. Financial aid is provided to families who demonstrate financial need for assistance with tuition expenses at FVS. Funds are made available by hundreds of donors who are interested in making an FVS education available to outstanding students who would otherwise be unable to afford such a high caliber educational experience.
  • Q. How is financial aid determined?

    A. To determine need, FVS uses the services of the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid in Princeton, N.J. This service utilizes information provided by the family on a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) form, which asks for income, expenses, assets and liability information. The family sends the original completed PFS form to the School and Student Service and provides a copy to FVS. SSS computes this information and determines an estimated need. The Report of Family Contribution is sent from Princeton to FVS, and the FVS Financial Aid Committee uses this estimated need as a guideline in making awards.
  • Q. Who can apply?

    A. Anyone can apply for financial aid, but only students who have been accepted to FVS and demonstrate financial need, as determined by the School and Student Service, can be considered.
  • Q. How much financial aid may I expect to receive?

    A. Each case is considered individually, but every family should expect to contribute something toward their child’s education. The total amount received will be based on demonstrated financial need, academic record, extracurricular activities and character.
  • Q. Where do I get an application for financial aid?

    A. You may receive information by calling the FVS Financial Aid Office at 719.391.5251 or indicating your desire for financial aid on your application for admission. Forms are available in early November.
  • Q. Does the school offer merit scholarships?

    A. Yes. Please see Summit Scholarships for further information.
  • Q. Is there a deadline to be considered for financial aid?

    A. Families should aim to submit the PFS (Parents Financial Statement) and all of the previous year's tax records by Feb. 1. However, March 1 is the deadline for the entire application and current year's tax records. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL APRIL TO DO YOUR TAXES!
  • Q. Will failure to meet deadlines affect the possibility of receiving aid?

    A. Yes. Financial aid is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis; the timeliness of your application is critical.
  • Q. Can applying for aid affect the outcome of my admission decision?

    A. No. Applications for admission and aid are reviewed separately. However, only admitted students are considered for financial aid.
  • Q. Is need-based financial aid renewable each year?

    A. A new PFS and updated tax returns must be filed with the Financial Aid Office each year. Changes in your financial status may affect the size of your award.
  • Q. Are there payment options?

    A. Fountain Valley School offers a variety of payment plans and financing options to help in making private education a reality. Four payment plans are standard and outlined on the enrollment contract. If one of these plans fails to meet your needs please contact the Business Office to discuss creating an individualized plan to meet your needs.
  • Q. What if there is a situation involving divorce and/or stepparents?

    A. Fountain Valley School expects both the custodial and non-custodial parents to participate in the support of their child at FVS. It is up to all parties involved to communicate and participate in good faith in the responsibilities.
  • Q. What should I do if my family’s situation is complicated?

    A. You should send a letter outlining any individual circumstances that the Financial Aid Committee should consider when determining your financial aid. Please be as specific as possible with dates and figures.
  • Q. What if our financial situation is undergoing a significant change right now?

    A. If there are extenuating circumstances that have an impact on your family’s financial stability, these factors should be well documented so the Financial Aid Committee can determine the appropriate level of aid given your current situation.
  • Q. Are athletic scholarships available?

    A. No, FVS does not offer athletic scholarships.
  • Q. When will I be notified if I have received financial aid?

    A. Financial aid and merit award notification will be mailed to new students in their admission packets on March 11. Notification to families currently receiving awards will take place by mid-March. After these dates, finanical assistance is awarded only as funds are available.
  • Q. How does FVS maintain the confidentiality of financial aid applicants and recipients?

    A. Financial aid is determined by the Financial Aid Committee after the Admission Committee has reviewed a student’s application for admission. Only after the Admission Committee has rendered its decisions is the need for financial aid presented. Materials and announcements are mailed in discreet packaging to ensure your privacy. Faculty and administrators are notified of student aid status only in particular cases when a student requires financial assistance in order to participate in a school function.
  • Q. What if I am offered a place on the Financial Aid waiting list?

    A. It is possible for a student to earn admission, but the Financial Aid Committee to be unable to offer a first round aid award. When that occurs, a family is offered a place on the Financial Aid Waiting List. An aid award may be offered in the spring or early summer if funds become available through attrition or refusals of first round aid awards.
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