Basic Steps

Step 1: Inquiry
Use the Inquiry Form to request a complete packet of information or email the Office of Admission to ask a specific question. 

Step 2: Campus Visit/Interview
FVS encourages prospective students to visit the campus during the academic year. Personalized schedules are arranged for each visitor. Students and parents will have an opportunity to attend classes, participate in student-led campus tours and complete their interview with an admission officer. Applicants unable to visit campus should contact the Office of Admission to discuss alternatives.

Step 3: Application
You may apply using either Gateway Prep or SSATB. For SSATB, create an account and apply online using the SSATB Standard Application Online. For Gateway Prep, create an account and apply online using the Gateway Prep Application Online

Step 4: Take the Secondary School Admission Test
Applicants are required to submit standardized testing results from the current year. SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) results are required of English-speaking students. The SSAT is administered several times each year at Fountain Valley School and in more than 200 cities worldwide. For dates, locations and and to register for the SSAT, visit The SSAT Code for Fountain Valley School is 3244. The ERB/ISEE Code for Fountain Valley School is 570815Candidates may submit the PSAT or SAT I or ACT in lieu of the SSAT if taken in the current year.

Step 5: Take the Character Skills Snapshot
Fountain Valley School of Colorado is more than just a place where your child will learn math, English and science. Certainly, the reason you're seeking to enroll your child here is because you're interested in an education that focuses on instilling character values and encouraging personal growth. Similarly, we know that your child is much more than grades and test scores. That's why we're asking your child to take The Character Skills Snapshot as part of their application. It will give us richer holistic information about your child, and show us areas where our community can help them grow, thrive and shine.
All applicants to Fountain Valley School of Colorado are strongly recommended to take The Character Skills Snapshot. For students who take the SSAT, there is no charge to take The Snapshot. Once you register for the an SSAT, you will have access to The Snapshot when it launches on Sept. 25, 2017.
Students planning to take an admission test other than the SSAT must contact our Admission Office to gain access to the Snapshot. There is a $25 fee for these students to take The Snapshot.
The Snapshot is recommended, but not required. 

The Application Process

Application materials should be submitted to the Office of Admission by February 1. Late applications will be accepted on a space-available-basis. All applicants must submit the required forms and interview for admission. FVS strongly encourages prospective students to visit the campus personally to meet students and faculty, attend classes and have an admission interview. Applicants unable to visit campus should contact the Office of Admission to discuss alternatives. No admission decision can be made prior to the completion of the application process.
1. Arrange a visit to campus and schedule a personal interview through the Office of Admission.

2. Application for Admission (completed on accompanied by the application fee paid in U.S. currency ($50 U.S.; $150 international):
  • Part I: Biographical Information 
  • Part II: Student Statement 
  • Part III: Parent/Guardian Statement
3. Two Recommendations:
  • Current English Teacher
  • Current Mathematics Teacher
4.  2” x 2” photograph of applicant

5.  Official Transcript of grades and courses with a seal or registrar’s signature for the current academic year and the previous year.

6.  Standardized Testing Results:
  • SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) results are required of English-speaking students. Applicants may submit scores from the ACT, ISEE, PSAT or SAT I in lieu of the SSAT. With an advance appointment, the SSAT can be administered during the campus visit. The SSAT Code for Fountain Valley School is 3244. The ERB/ISEE Code for Fountain Valley School is 570815.
  • TOEFL results are required of students for whom English is not their native language. To learn more about the TOEFL exam locations, call (609) 771-7100, or visit the Educational Testing Service’s Web site: www.toefl.orgOur TOEFL code is 8089.
International Applicants
Complete applications are due by Feb. 1 of every year.  Interviews with an admission officer are necessary and should be completed by Feb. 1 also. Contact the Admission Office via email at or (719) 391-5251 to schedule a Skype interview if you cannot visit campus in person. International applicants must obtain a student visa prior to enrollment. Immigration requests for student visas (I-20 documentation) are completed by the Office of Admission after an admitted applicant has returned the Enrollment Contract and tuition deposit.

Prior to Enrollment:
  • Verification of sufficient funds or an affidavit of support from a sponsor
  • Translation into English of official school transcripts from the last two academic years
  • Copy of current U.S. student visa, if applicable
  • Must provide current e-mail address and phone number for English-speaking friend or relative. This person will serve as FVS' primary contact during your academic career. 
6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911