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Academic Support

The Academic Skills Center is a hub on campus that offers easily accessible, relevant and timely educational support to accommodate students' academic and instructional needs*.

Fountain Valley's Academic Skills Center staff operate within guidelines to provide a platform of educational success between students and faculty. Students seeking academic support from the Center must have the capability to fully engage with the Fountain Valley School curriculum. Staff also work with graduating seniors each spring to help them master various life skills, including advocating for one's self, becoming independent and navigating the resources available at their chosen colleges or universities.

*The School likewise provides structured and regularly scheduled, long-term academic support through the Academic Skills Instructional Program (ASIP)–available to a limited number of students each year and for an additional fee.


Fountain Valley School offers reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students who have professional, current and formal diagnostic evaluations, and will consider recommendations from professional clinical psychologists’ reports. A letter from a physician stating a diagnosis and recommendations for accommodations is not considered a formal diagnostic evaluation.

The Academic Skills Instructional PrograM

The ASIP is not a tutoring service, but rather complements and supports students as they obtain the necessary skills for being successful, independent learners. With this objective in mind, the School expects its students to acquire all necessary skill-sets, including self-advocacy, after two full academic years.

The program is available to a limited number of students annually for an additional fee. Working closely with content-area teachers, Academic Skills Center staff align the ASIP curriculum with core academic coursework and expectations. Students who are enrolled in the ASIP meet with a member of the Academic Skills Center staff as well as one to two other ASIP students every other day for a 75-minute teaching block.

Additional Support

Students are encouraged to meet with FVS faculty for extra help as needed; faculty may also direct individual students to attend extra-help sessions. Each faculty sets individual guidelines regarding the times and places they are available for extra help both during and outside of the academic day, including on evenings when their respective teacher is on duty.

Meet Our Academic Skills Center Team

Academic Skills Center staff member working with a student.