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Student fills a cylinder in the science lab.

Revolutionary advances in science and technology are making their mark on society in a myriad of ways, from genetic engineering to advancements in sustainable energy sources. The Science Department’s goal is to develop scientifically literate students who understand the basis for and societal implications of scientific applications. Through a carefully designed network of academically challenging courses, the program strives to strengthen students’ understanding of the workings of their own bodies, the intricacies of the physical and biological world, the universe around them, and their place as stewards within it. The program encourages open-ended problem solving through the development of a mental toolbox of knowledge and skills that enable students to put scientific information to practical use. In this way, students see themselves as an active part of the scientific inquiry process.

FVS's setting along Colorado’s Front Range provides spectacular opportunities for teaching and learning science. Through core and elective course offerings, students explore the diverse ecosystems and geology of Colorado, environmental issues specific to the West and their global implications, principles of robotics and engineering, and how science and medicine converge while developing individual and collaborative problem-solving skills. Forming scientific foundations in their first two years gives students the opportunity to take advanced level and/or science elective courses in their junior and senior years as they aim to explore their personal interests more in-depth. 

Whether it is getting outside and exploring FVS's 1,100-acre natural classroom or the breathtaking geology of the area, interacting with the National Space Symposium, or visiting local horticultural businesses, biotechnology and premier biomedical research institutes, the Science Department takes full advantage of the ability to expose students to cutting edge science in and beyond the classroom.

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