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Math Faculty Sam Harrison writes complex equations on a window in the Dining Hall.

Math is at the foundation of our everyday lives.

Math is an important tool in understanding and addressing the issues of today. It provides the language and tools used throughout the sciences and humanities. It is crucial to fields such as physics, chemistry, computer science, medicine, economics, business, statistics, architecture, engineering, and environmental science, to name just a few.

The goal of the Fountain Valley School Mathematics Department is to develop mathematically literate students; strong analytical thinkers who can apply their critical thinking skills to the complex challenges facing the world. FVS trains students to use logical reasoning to solve problems and find solutions. Courses develop better problem-solving, mathematical modeling, data analysis, quantitative and spatial reasoning, and critical thinking.

The development of mathematical skills and the understanding of mathematical concepts and how they relate to real-life situations are key components in the FVS math curriculum. The math program at Fountain Valley School is designed for a variety of student interests and aptitudes. Courses range from algebra, general statistics, and financial math to college-level classes such as BC Calculus and Advanced Statistics, as well as advanced courses such as Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.

Math in Action

Meet Our Math Faculty