Learning Center

Academic Skills Instructional Program

The Academic Skills Instructional Program (ASIP) provides specialized academic guidance to a limited number of students annually for an additional fee. Students who are enrolled in ASIP meet every other day for 75 minutes, which includes two students per group with a member of the Learning Center staff.

The goal of ASIP is to help students develop the skills needed to become self-directed learners. Working closely with content-area teachers, the Learning Center staff aligns the ASIP curriculum with core academic coursework and expectations. Not a tutoring service, ASIP is designed to complement and support students as they acquire the necessary skills to be successful, independent learners. With this objective in mind, we expect our students to acquire the necessary skill set after two full academic years.

Please review Fountain Valley School of Colorado’s accommodation guidelines to help you and your family determine if the School can accommodate your child’s academic and instructional needs.
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