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History Class


The History curriculum at Fountain Valley includes the study of all aspects of people from both the distant and recent past. The Department is committed to historical accuracy and recognizes the importance of viewing human history through a variety of experiences and perspectives. In addition, the Department recognizes that the present is a direct result of prior processes and events.

FVS's History program aims to instill in students a broadened worldview and deeper understanding of a rich variety of human experiences regionally, nationally, and internationally. Through all classes, historical and critical thinking skills are emphasized alongside the skeptical analysis of primary and secondary sources, journalism, and multimedia. Historical writing takes many forms, from argumentative and analytical to expository and creative. Meanwhile, assessments include but are not limited to formal essays, project- and problem-based units, collaboration and reflection, role-playing, classroom engagement and dialogue, and other formats that capture students’ imaginations, challenge simplified historical narratives, and breathe new life into past events.

Meet Our History Faculty