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A student's idea of "wellness" shouldn't be restricted to simply getting check-ups at the doctor's office—it should be applied mentally and physically, as well. Students are given the chance to explore the inner workings of a healthy body and mind.

Health & Wellness Course Offerings

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  • Psychology

    Psychology is a semester-long course offered to juniors and seniors and is designed to introduce students to the scientific study of psychological functioning. It is also designed to investigate the mental processes involved in human interaction with the external world. Students in the course will examine the basic principles that make up human thought and behavior. Some of the major components within the discipline of Psychology, such as theoretical approaches to psychology, research methods, biological bases of behavior, social psychology, sensation and perception, learning and memory, developmental psychology, and abnormal psychology will be addressed. Common themes within the field of psychology will be explored within the context of those major topics, as students will be encouraged to think critically in order to provide an analysis of the material covered. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the material through application-based tests and writing assignments
  • Strength & Conditioning

    This course introduces theories and principles of strength training and metabolic conditioning to improve fitness, health and overall wellness. Students will acquire knowledge and skills needed to perform safe and effective strength and conditioning sessions. They will explore basic principles of anatomy and physiology, strength training techniques, exercise modifications, training for different populations, development of personal strength training programs, and current fitness trends. Students will understand the importance of fitness principles as they relate to the development of lifetime fitness and well-being. The tools this course will utilize include class lectures, textbooks, supplemental scientific research papers, case studies, hands-on laboratory activities, field trips, and interactions with fitness professionals.

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    Strength and Conditioning Faculty: Penrose West House Director
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