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Round Square

Fountain Valley School of Colorado was accepted as a Round Square member school in the spring of 2013. FVS is one of just 10 Round Square member schools in the United States and the only school between the two coasts.
Round Square gives Fountain Valley School another dimension to its Global Scholar Diploma, which is a four-year curricular and co-curricular program emphasizing global learning in the FVS classroom, the local community and through immersion experiences.

Membership in Round Square builds on a long history of global awareness and liberal arts education at FVS, and it deepens the experiential components of the Global Scholar Diploma. The partnerships will allow relatively low-cost educational exchanges at independent schools in places such as South Africa, Australia and Peru.

FVS students have taken advantage of Round Square opportunities after graduation as well. Chris Peel '14 and Meg Rash '14 both used part of their gap years to teach at Round Square schools. Peel was a teacher assistant at Colegio Anglo Colombiano school in Bogotá, Colombia, for the fall semester. Rash spent the spring of 2015 teaching at Ballarat Grammar School in Victoria, Australia. Benny Cole '15 followed in Peel's footsteps at Colegio Anglo Colombiano in the fall of 2015.

What is Round Square?

Round Square was developed in 1966 by Outward Bound founder Kurt Hahn, and is a worldwide network of more than 100 schools on five continents promoting global literacy as integral to the curriculum, and offering high school students opportunities for exchanges, service learning projects and international conferences. All schools focus on five IDEALS:
  • Internationalism
  • Democracy
  • Environment
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service

Round Square Exchanges

Every year, Fountain Valley School hosts exchange students from Round Square schools across the world, and in return, our students travel abroad for their own RS experiences.

In 2016-17, six FVS students traveled to Round Square schools in the fourth quarter and over the summer of 2017. Ashby Baker '19 went to Markham College in Lima, Peru; Clara Barnstone '18 and Julia Gustke '18 went to Belgrano Day School in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Laila Ghamdi '19 went to to St. Stithians in Johannesburg, South Africa and Herlufsholm School in Denmark (split exchange); Eliza Rhee '19 and Adeline Thames '19 went to St. Cyprian's in Cape Town, South Africa, and Jacques VanZyl '19 went Scotch College in Perth, Australia.

In the 2017-18 school year, five students will attend the Round Square International Conference in Cape Town: Ian Edison '18, Evelyn Li '19, Vinay Merchant '18, Preston Nash '18 and Kat Potts '19. Five students will also go on reciprocal exchanges: Ingrid Ellis '19, Annabelle Filler '20, Savian Johnson-Czerny '20, Sophie Potts '19 and Lucia Vigneri '20.

Round Square Member Schools by Region

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RS Conferences

FVS students have the opportunity to attend Round Square conferences at national, regional and global levels. The scope of the annual Round Square international conference reaches around the globe, bringing together more than 1,000 students and school leaders from nearly 100 schools on six continents.

In 2016-17, FVS students have two opportunities to attend Round Square conferences. Jordyn Greidanus '18, Izzy Nuñez '17, Elinor Sisk '18, Riley Snyder '17 and JT Winston '18 will attend the 50th Annual Round Square Conference, Oct. 7-15, at the Aiglon School in Switzerland. The delegation departs on Oct. 7, spends a layover day in Iceland, then flies to Geneva for a one-hour train trip to the school. Students will engage in activities related to IDEALS (internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership, and service) with delegations from Round Square schools from around the world.

Five students will also be attending the Americas Regional Conference at Belgrano Day school in Argentina, April 18-25. They are Celeste Carter '19, Haruna Kakubari '17, Skye McCurdy '18, Henry Neff '18 and Owen Rask '19.

India's Mayo College

In 2013, the students in Susan Carrese and Mike Payne's India Interim visited Round Square school Mayo College in Rajasthan (photo by Megan Rash '14).

"Mayo College was different and impressive," Mailey McCann '14 said. "The students were similar to FVS students; they were friendly, humorous and intelligent. Indian education is more competitive than American education, and while FVS is challenging, Mayo College has an even longer schedule by day and a six-day school week."

In the spring of 2015, students from Mayo College reciprocated the visit by staying a week in the Colorado Springs area. The 10 boys explored FVS and learned about its ranching heritage, and also stayed at the Mountain Campus to learn about the Colorado landscape.

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