Global Education

Globalization is a 21st century reality.

At FVS, we believe it is essential to embrace the world beyond our campus, our borders and our mindset. In order to prepare students to thrive in this diverse world, we offer both formal and informal global opportunities ranging from a sequenced Global Scholar program to living with an international student or working on a service project with a local immigrant community. Our goal is to move beyond mere tolerance of diversity, to genuine engagement as school and world citizens.

FVS is a Global Community

• 57 international students from 19 countries
• 7.3 percent of alumni are international
• Nine student-led clubs with a global focus
• 20 percent of students annually travel abroad on Interim, many with scholarships
• Faculty have taught in classrooms around the world and are committed to international professional development
"Before I came to Fountain Valley School, I led a fairly sheltered life—I rarely came in contact with people from other parts of the world. In my two years here, I have gained exposure to many cultures. I have learned what life is like in Saudi Arabia for a girl my age through a Unity Day presentation; of the holidays celebrated and rigorous education in Germany from my German roommate; and the gruesome details of the Japanese occupation of Korea from a Korean friend. I know that I have gone through a transformation at this school that has caused me to gain a much-widened perspective of the world. This new outlook has ignited a strong desire in me to learn as much as possible about different cultures. With internationalism at Fountain Valley, I have the opportunity to gain this knowledge, and with it, I can make an impact on the world." — Cleo Mueller '15

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Global Education Director

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  • Photo of Brittany  Harrison

    Brittany  Harrison  

    Director of Global Education
    (719) 391-5208
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  • Photo of Lynne Olivieri-Barton

    Lynne Olivieri-Barton 

    Director of Global and Tech Integration
    (719) 391-5241
    St. Mary's College - B.A.
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - M.A.
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  • Photo of Simon  Walker

    Simon  Walker 

    History Faculty, Round Square Director, Figge House Director
    (719) 391-5377
    University of London - B.A.
    University of Southampton - Post-grad certificate
  • Photo of Edward Haupt

    Edward Haupt 

    History Faculty, Sinclaire House Director
    (719) 391-5327
    Lewis & Clark College - B.A.
    Colorado Collegw - M.A.T.
  • Photo of Katheryn Baker

    Katheryn Baker 

    Science Faculty, Fine Arts Faculty
    (719) 391-5329
    Colorado College - B.A.
    University of Oklahoma - M.S.

Round Square

Fountain Valley School is a member of Round Square, a worldwide network of more than 100 schools on five continents promoting global literacy as integral to the curriculum. FVS is one of just nine Round Square member schools in the United States and the only school between the two coasts.
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