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We truly believe and practice the idea that students should find the college that “fits” them best; one that will give them the best experience and the best chance for being successful in college and beyond.

Though Fountain Valley does send plenty of students to the nation’s most selective colleges and universities every year, there is no pressure to produce an impressive list of colleges simply for its own sake. FVS Counselors are free to counsel students about the choice that best fits their needs and the needs of their families.

FVS Students Find Their Fit Students from last year's graduating class found their fit at 44 different institutions, including 10 public flagship universities, 2 Ivies and 7 other "top-50" national universities, 6 liberal arts colleges, 2 art schools, a culinary college and one of the best universities in Canada.


We serve and celebrate students with both a wide range of aspirations and financial needs.

The FVS College Counseling team has the experience and knowledge to help with any search–from the most selective universities in the country and small liberal arts colleges to arts and music programs, athletics recruiting, service academies and local and regional public universities. The School celebrates all outcomes that represent the right fit for students and their families. FVS also understands that, for many families, the financial aspect is just as important as acceptance. 

Funding for the Future 32% of last year's graduating class attended institutions meeting their full financial needs.


Our college counseling program is personalized and reliant on individual counseling to provide the right kind and amount of guidance for each particular student.

FVS may have a well-designed college counseling curriculum, but does not over-program students in order to accommodate individual needs and timelines.


We all get along!

FVS parents, students and Counselors have a great sense for working together on the same team, a positive growth experience for all.


We follow a student-driven process wherein our students lead their own college searches with support from parents and Counselors.

In an extension of Fountain Valley's culture for fostering independence, the School requires students to take the lead in this process and firmly believes this structure is most likely to result in the best possible outcome. Throughout the process, students learn valuable lessons in goal-setting, written and verbal communication, and so much more.

Learning to Lead 70% of students from last year's graduating class were the only member from their cohort to matriculate to their specific college or university.


FVS does a great job of supporting the College Counseling Office's need to regularly attend conferences, visit colleges and network with admission representatives.

Even while on the road, the College Counseling team successfully guides students to admission success. Though selectivity has increased, FVS students continue to matriculate to a variety of colleges and universities all over the country.

Anywhere and Everywhere Last year's FVS graduates went on to attend 44 different colleges across 21 different states, plus Canada.


The college application process is neither stressful nor competitive among students like often experienced at other high schools.

Because of the wide range of colleges to which students apply, FVS students are extremely supportive of one another’s admissions successes, and celebrate each other's achievements.

Happy to be Stress Free 39% of last year's graduating class matriculated to a "top-50" college or university.