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Fountain Valley School is a great place for students to gain a better understanding of self and the college search and selection process; not just because of the College Counseling team–although we think we’re pretty good–but because of the entire FVS community. Fountain Valley students, parents, teachers, and administrators create a collaborative and comfortable environment that allows for a healthy and successful college search journey.

Finding that right-fit often takes time and unfolds organically. Students who make the most of their experience and the opportunities available at FVS will, however, quickly find they are doing exactly what is necessary for a successful college application process. Here at Fountain Valley, students are encouraged to take ownership of their search all the while learning about themselves, supporting others, and gaining the newfound confidence and skills needed to make hard choices with ease. Partnering with parents/guardians, the FVS College Counseling team provides a healthy balance of support and encouragement that enables students to arrive at the best decision for their families and, most importantly, themselves.

As the college application process continues to evolve, the College Counseling team is here to help, equipped with years of experience helping students work through hundreds of college searches. We assist with all aspects of the college process: creating an appropriate list of colleges, negotiating standardized testing, visiting and communicating with colleges, writing college essays, procuring teacher recommendations, making sense of financial aid, and anything else your family needs.

We hope you will utilize the resources found on this page to guide you along the steps you should take to ensure a worry-free journey filled with adventure, self-awareness, and growth. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

We look forward to working with you.


The College Counseling Team