College Counseling

Starting freshman year, you will begin exploring how to find the right college that is the right fit for you. Your college counselor will build a relationship with you, get to know you and guide you through the process. We help you gain a strong understanding of your strengths, interests and values so you will make sound decisions in finding the best college fit.

Here at Fountain Valley, the college process is unique because both of the counselors worked several years in the admission offices of selective colleges. And because each counselor has around just 30 seniors each, the guidance is personal.

College Counseling Office

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  • Photo of Douglas Badger

    Douglas Badger 

    Director of College Counseling
    (719) 391-5287
    Middlebury College - B.A.
    University of Idaho - M.Ed.
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  • Photo of Lee Nuckolls

    Lee Nuckolls 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
    (719) 391-5374
    Washington University-St. Louis - B.A.
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  • Photo of Vicki Sandoval

    Vicki Sandoval 

    Administrative Assistant, College Counseling
    (719) 391-5239
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6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911