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dare to ascend

Founded on a Western ranch at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Fountain Valley School values hard work and fortitude as we empower students to stamp their own brand and write their own stories. We nurture curiosity while cultivating lifelong learners. We promote asking big questions and embracing analytical and creative thinking. We empower students to assume responsibility for their learning while finding purpose and joy in their accomplishments.

A college-preparatory school, Fountain Valley's academic curriculum is both challenging and comprehensive, and includes honors and advanced courses for learners across various academic levels. Fountain Valley offers over 100 interdisciplinary courses designed to expand students' insights into learning. Small, in-depth discussions enable students to share their opinions, engage in lively conversation, and embrace a global perspective.

Academic Offerings


Student makes a truck out of clay.


Shakespeare Theater Festival performance.


Students listen to Park Service ranger at the Sand Creek Massacre site.


Bungee Barbie


Students examine a horn during a science field trip.


Students take a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower at night in Paris.