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Danes Help USA Hockey Promote the Sport in Colorado Springs

Five Danes coached youngsters from across the community during Try Hockey for Free Day on Nov. 7.

Five Fountain Valley School of Colorado hockey players hit the ice at the Colorado Springs World Arena Saturday afternoon to give youngsters the opportunity to try the sport for the first time.

Bennett Blake '19 (Dallas Texas), Soren Bredeson '18 (Eagle, Colo.) Will Graney '18 (Colorado Springs), Connor Olson '18 (Arlington, Wash.), Zane Reynolds '18 (Eagle, Colo.), head coach Mike Payne and a prospective FVS hockey player from Québec, Canada, took the time out of their weekend to promote hockey beyond FVS.
The event was part of USA Hockey's Try Hockey For Free Day, which encourages boys and girls, ages 4 to 9, to go to a participating rink and try youth hockey free of charge. This is the fourth time Fountain Valley players have volunteered for the event. Free equipment was provided and no experience was required for the children. FVS players helped kids with the basics of skating and various on-ice activities.

Olson, a goalie in his first year at Fountain Valley School, said it was a "blast" working with the little kids and teaching them how to skate.

"Passing my love of the game to the younger generation is a true gift and puts a smile on my face," he said. "During the event, I found a kid who couldn't skate well and had trouble standing up on his own, so I helped him up and started teaching him the basics. He was really attracted to the pucks on the ice, so I took one and skated slowly away from him; sure enough, he followed. I started pushing him little bit by little bit, and sooner or later he was skating all by himself and doing really well.

"To be able to watch a kid get better at the basics and enjoy the game even more because of you is a truly amazing experience. I look forward to doing it for years to come and continue to grow the game even more."

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