Accommodations Guidelines

Fountain Valley School offers reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students who have professional, current and formal diagnostic evaluations, and will consider recommendations from professional clinical psychologists’ reports. (A letter from a physician stating a diagnosis and recommendations for accommodations is not considered a formal diagnostic evaluation.)

Fountain Valley School is able to offer the following in-class accommodations:
  • Audio books and access to other audio-based materials
  • Computer/word processor use for note-taking
  • Calculator use
Additional accommodation:
  • Foreign language waiver for specific language-based disability
We also offer the following accommodations on tests and quizzes:
  • 50% extended time (time and half)
  • Small group setting
  • Separate setting
  • Computer/word processor use
  • Calculator use
  • Scribe
Fountain Valley School is unable to provide the following accommodations and/or modifications:
  • Reduced and/or modified assignments or tests
  • 100% extended time
  • Oral tests unless given to the whole class
  • Large print on tests or tests written differently than for other students in the class
  • Substitution of American Sign Language for a foreign language requirement
  • Faculty lecture notes or lecture outlines
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