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Global Scholar Diploma

The Global Scholar Diploma (GSD) program is one of the three Capstone offerings that serves as a culminating product summarizing a student’s educational and extracurricular experiences at Fountain Valley School. 

You can distinguish yourself by earning a Global Scholar Diploma and diving deep into a specific global issue you are passionate about. Through a curriculum and set of experiences that include travel and community service, you will gain a rich understanding of your global topic by conducting primary research and deep investigation. Students who earn a Global Scholar Diploma have gained the knowledge, skills and ability to grasp the nature of global interdependence and pursue an education in the international arena.

See the GSD requirements. (PDF)

Recent Capstone Projects

Class of 2017 Capstone Presentations
Class of 2017 Annotated Bibliography Class of 2016 capstone project papers*
Class of 2016 GSD essays
Class of 2014 capstone project papers*
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GSD Faculty

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Brittany  Harrison

    Brittany  Harrison  

    Director of Global Education
    (719) 391-5208
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  • Photo of Lynne Olivieri-Barton

    Lynne Olivieri-Barton 

    Director of Global and Tech Integration
    (719) 391-5241
    St. Mary's College - B.A.
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - M.A.
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  • Photo of Simon  Walker

    Simon  Walker 

    History Faculty, Round Square Director, Figge House Director
    (719) 391-5377
    University of London - B.A.
    University of Southampton - Post-grad certificate
  • Photo of Edward Haupt

    Edward Haupt 

    History Faculty, Sinclaire House Director
    (719) 391-5327
    Lewis & Clark College - B.A.
    Colorado Collegw - M.A.T.
6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911